Whole Beef Ribeye

A whole Beef Ribeye is moist & succulent. Cook as a joint or cut your own steaks for less. Whole Beef Ribeye have a marbling of fat & are very rich in flavour. Ribeye steaks are always juicy and tender and a moist joint. Pair your ribeye steak with your choice of sauce for a truly satisfying meal. The special appeal of Beef Ribeye steak is that they have a rich marbling of fat throughout them, which gives guaranteed flavour and succulence, making them difficult to over cook too! Please see below for a recipe on how to ‘Cook the Perfect Steak’ & our farmers details where our Beef is from this week. An alternative to a whole ribeye is RIBEYE STEAK or see all our alternatives below.


£28.95  per kg

How to cook the perfect Steak

All you need to cook restaurant quality steak at home.

If ordering a steak is your ‘go to’ when you’re eating out, but you lack the confidence to cook it at home, here are our top tips to cooking the perfect steak....





Farmers & Brothers Rodney & Phil Cleave & Phil's son, Tom Nr Ashburton & Holne Dartmoor Devon
Pure 100% Grass Fed SIngle Suckled Devon Beef. No allergens. Not suitable for vegetarians - contains meat!