Marinated Beef Sirloin Steaks

Marinated Beef Sirloin Steaks are great for a satisfying meal or on the BBQ.  We cut the steaks from our dry aged well hung beef. Simply choose the marinade flavour from the drop down menu and we will do the rest for you ready to cook for that delicious lunch or dinner al fresco! Vacuum packed to marinade inside ready to go. Legend has it that sirloin is so called because it was knighted ‘Sir Loin’ by Henry VIII.


£14.95  per 500g vac pack

How to cook the perfect Steak

All you need to cook restaurant quality steak at home.

If ordering a steak is your ‘go to’ when you’re eating out, but you lack the confidence to cook it at home, here are our top tips to cooking the perfect steak....





Farmers & Brothers Rodney & Phil Cleave & Phil's son, Tom Nr Ashburton & Holne Dartmoor Devon
Pure 100% Grass Fed SIngle Suckled Devon Beef. No allergens. Not suitable for vegetarians - contains meat!