Whole Fillet of Beef

Whole Fillet of Beef is the whole fillet muscle, well trimmed back for that special occasion. Cut your own steaks from it or use for beef wellington, stir fry or stroganoff. It sits under the Sirloin inside of the rib cage and is therefore a little used muscle & very tender. Whole Fillet of Beef alternatives are Centre Cut fillet or Fillet steak. The whole fillet may include the Chateaubriand and Fillet tail Please see below for recipes on ‘How to Cook the Perfect Steak’ & also the details of the Farmer where our Beef is from this week


£47.95  per kg

How to cook the perfect Steak

All you need to cook restaurant quality steak at home.

If ordering a steak is your ‘go to’ when you’re eating out, but you lack the confidence to cook it at home, here are our top tips to cooking the perfect steak....





Pure 100% Grass Fed SIngle Suckled Devon Beef. No allergens. Not suitable for vegetarians - contains meat!