Chipolata Pigs in Blankets

We make all our Pigs in Blankets by hand and vac pack down in 500g packs (10 pigs – approx). They are a very high quality product & as such we always have a run on these at Christmas. Should the product be out of stock or you perhaps also wanted to save yourself some £ did you know that you can buy the sausages (cocktails or chipolatas) and the streaky bacon separately and wrap them at home!! Its cost effective too! Click here for the link to our Unsmoked Streaky Bacon or here for our Smoked Streaky & it’ll open in a new tab so you wont’ lose this page 🙂   If we are under too much pressure we may provide these two products separately


£14.95  per kg

Boneless primals of Pork from Farmers Justin Uglow West Balsdon Farm Whitstone Holsworthy Devon EX22 6LE Nigel Tope Yonder Parks Farm Blackawton Totnes South Hams Devon
SAUSAGE ALLERGEN INFO: CONTAINS WHEAT (GLUTEN) , SULPHITES (E221) BACON ALLERGEN INFO: NO ALLERGENS Per 10kg (22lb) batch of sausages:- Per 10kg batch:- 7.75kg of 80% visually lean rindless Pork (77.5%) 1kg rusk (10%) 1kg fresh water (10%) 225g seasoning (2.5%) Natural casings Mincer Filler Sausage table Skill!! We mince the 80vl pork on a course plate. Mix the seasoning and rusk into the mince and mix thoroughly. Mince a second time and then dd the water & leave for 5 minutes to absorb. Transfer into filler & fill out into natural casings and link as required. Sausages then put into fridge to set then cut and packed as required.