Buffalo Steak Burgers 100%

Gribble’s 100% Buffalo burgers all made by hand at Gribble’s using our secret recipe and lean cuts. These are also totally Gluten free and additive free meaning there’s no preservative, no artificial flavouring, no artificial colourings, no added water & no bulking agents contained (hence the 100%). Available in 6oz single portion sizes with a 10 for the price of 9 deal. All made at Tordean Farm (mainly by Steve!). Note: because the products have no artificial colourings they do not keep their bloom once open to the air – this does not affect eating quality or food safety. If not consuming within 24 hours (refrigerate below 5C if you are) this product should be frozen upon receipt (below -18C) to maintain its quality and shelf life.


£2.95  each