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Zebra Steaks

Zebra Steaks

170g (6oz) Zebra Steak

Zebras are mostly steppe and savannah animals. The only type of zebra that can be hunted is the Burchells zebra. South African farmers in the Cape provinces buy more and more living zebras to attract tourists to their farms. This also helps the number of Burchell zebras to grow steadily. Hunting takes place at game farms that have a surplus of stallions. The ideal rate of a secured area of about 100 hectare is 1 stallion on/at 4 to 5 mares. The extra stallions count for the only supply of zebra meat. Zebras are hunted in the South African game season for their skin, the income from the meat brings much needed extra revenue to these rural economies.

Zebra meat is sweeter than beef but still retains a game flavour. A deep red meat with a medium grain. Zebra has a wider than expected demand.

£ 7.95 each

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Devon PL21 9AB

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