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Why we only buy the best grass-fed beef

Why we only buy the best grass-fed beef

Friday 1st February 2019

^ Clockwise from top: cattle grazing on Dartmoor above Venford Reservoir near Holne; Aberdeen Angus at the Blatchford Estate in the South Hams near Cornwood; Mark Gribble (centre) with our Fieldsman Rodney Cleave (right) and his brother Phil Cleave checking on the cattle on the high moor; Blatchford Estate Farm Manager with the herd of Aberdeen Angus; the estate where cattle are born on the farm and then driven up onto the moor in the spring where they are raised on open moorland where they are free to roam.


We’re great fans of British beef, and here in Devon we are surrounded by lush pastures that provide the perfect grazing to produce really succulent and flavoursome beef.

This is in contrast to the USA for example, where animals are kept in dusty yards and are fed large amounts of grain to fatten cattle up quickly. The resulting environmental impact is huge, and the flavour will be severely impacted as well.

At Gribble’s Butchers, all of our beef is personally sourced by Mark Gribble and our Fieldsman, Rodney Cleave. We are passionate about ensuring that our beef comes from the fields around us to minimize food miles, support the farmers who manage our local countryside, and also to guarantee the best possible quality and taste. This week our beef came from the beautiful Blatchford Estate near Cornwood (see picture below), and in the coming weeks we will also feature beef that was born and raised on Dartmoor, as well as from other farms local to us.

It is important that we all understand where our food comes from and how it has been produced. The only way to truly know that is to shop at your local butcher’s, where the meat has been expertly butchered and your meat is handcrafted and prepared exactly as you want it to be.

 For more information, see this article from BBC Good Food Magazine:

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